The Coast Road (2014)

The Coast Road (2014) is a record written and recorded entirely on my own. It’s been over three years since I released In the Buffalo Surround, and in these ten songs (as in many others left in pieces) you’ll hear the sounds of relationships, work, darkness, clarity — and most likely, cars, chairs, kitchen sounds, and the like.

Listen and download below, and on Bandcamp or iTunes — and read more about the album below.

One night during the recording process, I wrote the following:

“I want this record to be like a room you might hang out in for a while. There’s a window, maybe two. Cars are going by. The weather is promisingly questionable. Somebody you love is walking around from room to room, picking things up, putting things down. You hear something on the right, something on the left, and then stillness.

Silence is such a luxury. There are times I sit in my car at my favorite Audubon sanctuary and just close the windows, lock the doors and then…there is stillness. Maybe a rabbit is outside, chewing. A squirrel comes by. Stillness, silence. On this record, that would be the moment the lap steel comes in. One note slides in to accent something. Time goes by. The music fades out.”

I hope you enjoy this spacious and personal document, and I thank you for listening.

Released November 11, 2014. All songs (c) 2014 Buried Battery Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dennis Crommett in Northampton, MA.