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Spanish For Hitchhiking + Winterpills

Dennis Crommett is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Western Massachusetts USA. In addition to recording and performing as a solo artist, Crommett fronts the indie rock band Spanish For Hitchhiking, plays guitar in the chamber pop outfit Winterpills, backs up other artists on guitar, and makes instrumental music. His first solo record The Evening Sorrow (2006) was released independently in the U.S. and by Rounder Europe; in their review, American Songwriter noted that Dennis is “undoubtedly a gifted songwriter.” In 2011, Signature Sounds Recordings released In the Buffalo Surround; Crommett has since released two albums of songs independently: 2014’s bedroomy The Coast Road, and the 2020 EP Straighten Up, where fuzz-saturated electric guitars replace Crommett’s usual spacious acoustics. In addition to those records, Dennis has released two collections of instrumental music: Patterns in a Familiar Room (2017) and I Am Not Done With My Changes (2020). He’s currently working on both songs and instrumentals, and has just released the new Spanish For Hitchhiking album Wild Love.

Photo by Joanna Chattman